About Us

e-Pitre Solutions

has over 15 years experience with hosted solutions, known today as cloud services. We use that knowledge and experience to provide business owners with Cloud Solutions that will optimize their IT infrastructure. We focus on unifying cloud services so companies are better able to work efficiently and improve day-to-day business operations. Whether you need a VoIP service to increase mobility and reduce the need for expensive landline telephones, or a Microsoft Office 365 solution that will improve business continuity and service availability, e-Pitre Solutions has you covered.

Our cloud-based IT and Telephony Solutions will help you better serve customers and give employees the tools needed to succeed. We also provide training and onboarding services to improve user adoption. This will ensure your Cloud Services investment won’t go to waste once installed.

e-Pitre Solutions has helped companies from many different backgrounds get the most out of their cloud-based IT. We are a trusted technology partner for those in the non-profit, health care and education sectors, and various other small to medium-sized businesses. We pride ourselves on offering affordable, reliable and trustworthy help when you need it.

Let e-Pitre Solutions help find your cloud today