Real Estate

e-Pitre Solutions understands the technology needs of real estate agencies. In a business that takes place all over the map, realtors and staff need 24x7 access to their computer systems in the office and remotely. From open houses to important meetings, and everything and everywhere in between, using the cloud can help you move ahead of the competition.

Working from the cloud has changed the way real estate works. Let e-Pitre Solutions show you how we can help.

If your computer network is less than stable, frequent downtime means slow transactions, missed deadlines, and lost contracts. With the help of the cloud, your real estate agency can expect fast, flexible and reliable IT wherever work may take you.

Here's how e-Pitre Solutions can help:

  • Deliver mobility solutions to keep your team in contact
  • Increase your staff productivity
  • Ensure all software packages work well together
  • Protect your electronic files and ensure that data is secure

e-Pitre Solutions can make sure your real estate agency has the cloud-based IT solutions and business phone systems to keep your business competitive.

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