Hosted Solutions

Buying expensive software is yesterday’s news. Don’t let the high prices associated with keeping up with technological advances force your company to compromise. With Hosted Solutions from Dan Pitre dba e-Pitre Solutions, you will no longer be out of pocket for the purchasing, licensing and hosting of applications. We’ll take care of all of that for you.

By letting Dan Pitre dba e-Pitre Solutions manage your applications and their hardware infrastructure, you’ll avoid high upfront costs and the ongoing management of IT services, allowing you to ease the pressures on in-house IT resources.

With Dan Pitre dba e-Pitre Solutions, you can enjoy access to:

  • Hosted Intuit QuickBooks – the best financial and accounting software around
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange – the best in email usability and security
  • Hosted Microsoft SharePoint – the best for improving teamwork and collaboration
  • Custom Application Hosting – the best for whatever your business needs to function efficiently

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