e-Pitre Solutions has been a tremendous asset to strengthening our organization’s infrastructure. In addition to always being available for support, the service they provide is exceptional. Given I am someone who doesn’t understand a whole lot about technology, our primary consultant, Dan Pitre, has been able to explain what we need to run successfully in terms that are easy for me to understand.

We have definitely experienced reduced downtime on our network (our service dropping has reduced tremendously with his help) and an increase in the performance of our individual workstations. Our computers used to crash all the time and e-Pitre Solutions has basically put a stop to this with their vast knowledge and expertise.

I never feel out of the loop on the quality service they consistently provide. e-Pitre Solutions stays on top of it for us and we almost never have to worry about viruses infecting our assets.

We’re definitely a fan of e-Pitre Solutions!

Executive Director
One in Long Beach, Inc.